Here’s the thing, Tamir Rice did not get shot because he actually had a gun (he did, albeit a toy gun). He got shot because it was _reported_ that he had one, and the cop shot him before Tamir had time to even follow any orders. The gun wasn’t even visible at the time the cops arrived and the only thing Tamir had done in the span of time where police were actually present was walk vaguely toward where the police car would stop, and a cop would immediately jump out and shoot him within seconds.

So to say that the officers were justified is to say that if someone says you have a gun, it’s justified for the police to shoot you without seeing a gun or you making any threatening moves. The report alone is enough to justify your death.

Same thing happened with John Crawford. Someone called the police and claimed he was brandishing an assault rifle and pointing it at people in a Wal-Mart, when he was actually just minding his own business carrying a piece of store merchandise. Police rounded the corner and shot, again no time for Crawford to respond to orders or even realize he was being spoken to. In an open carry state where his carrying a big scary gun, even if it had been real, would not have automatically been a crime. No charges against the police, nor the caller who gave the false report.

All charges were even dropped when 7-year-old Aiyana Jones was killed in a no-knock raid on the WRONG HOUSE. She was just a kid sleeping in her pajamas in her living room with her grandmother.

And the difference between the shooting of Trinity Gay and these shootings (which are just the ones I am most familiar with the circumstances) is because when Trinity Gay was shot, nobody denied it was a murder, three people were arrested for it, and charged. The outrage about innocent and unarmed black people being shot by police is not simply that someone was killed, but that nobody is held accountable for bad police decisions which lead to these deaths.

Police may have a hard job but they also wield a lot of deadly power in their authority and should be held to a higher standard than “oops! shot another defenseless human who wasn’t committing a crime! Such a shame!”