Ok. Those are two separate issues. And what it smacks of is white privilege. I know you don’t get that. And you’re probably confused right now since no one in either example is white. So let me explain.

BLM’s primary cause is protesting police violence. I explained as such in my article. You might not care about this issue. But that’s what they’re for. Trinity Gay was killed by two random men who aren’t cops.

You’re saying that your distaste against BLM is because they won’t protest the thing that you care more about because it’s more likely to affect you (well your daughter). That’s basically selfish. It’s not that you shouldn’t worry about your kid. But you’re totally saying you don’t like BLM because they worry about someone else.

My mother has MS… what you’re saying is I should hate the American Heart and Lung Association because they’re devoting all these resources to heart and lung health research and not doing anything about multiple sclerosis. That is the same argument.

As for Tamil Rice in specific. They should have waited. Sure he could have had a real gun. He also could have not had one. He DIDN’T have one. The 911 call says “I think it’s fake”. The park was abandoned. So the cops did not get bad information and make bad decision. They got good information and made a bad decision. This cop in particular was fired from a prior police dept for being judged a danger because he was too quick to want to use his gun. In the Tamir Rice case, they didn’t even wait for the car to come to a complete stop. The simple truth is “he wanted to shoot the kid.”

I can go into details about body cameras and police oversight and citizen review and likelihood of crime with more and less of it. But you don’t seem particularly interested in it. Dana Siler talked about it already on this post. The truth is NO. You aren’t more likely to have people dying. You’re just not. This is well established in other countries which do a much better job at this. America is behind on this simply because we want to be. We don’t care enough to do anything about it.

BLM is just a group of people begging for someone to do something about it. Nothing less. Your “distaste” for them is because they are worried about “black” lives and you aren’t black. If they had started out as “all lives matter” then you probably wouldn’t have complained. But as is abundantly clear to most people in the massive stats discussion above. There’s a serious problem of greater killing of black men from police than your average citizen.

At the end of the day policemen are individuals who have decided to take the job of stepping in front of a bullet to protect me from danger. That is their primary function. It is dangerous and I applaud them for it. However at the end of the day Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, Alton Brown, and even favorite shipping boy of antiBLMers, Michael Brown were all killed while they weren’t a danger to anyone. This is not minority report. Killing people for pre-crime is bad. They are also fathers and sons, etc. but they did NOT take a job to step in front of bullets for me. And yet, currently in America, statistically, a black man is more likely to be killed by a policeman than the other way around. That’s a problem.