Chris Maverick you made the claim that you are ok with 100 cops being shot by bad guys before one Tamir Rice being shot. And first let me say, it was a tragedy. And also an avoidable tragedy. Avoidable because a number of people, the dispatchers primarily, but also the police and Tamir himself could have prevented the situation. When I read about the causes, I’m reminded of the safety training I take when visiting a shipyard. People die on the job. People get crushed by falling objects, electrocuted by live circuits they thought were off, killed in explosions, or suffocate in confined spaces. None of these deaths are intentional, but they happen through a series of mistakes made by multiple people. I see that shooting as similar. Nobody intended to shoot an innocent kid. The cops got bad information and made a decision. Had the kid had a real gun and shot someone else in the park would you be ok with that? These police officers have a tough job and this violence is putting them even more on edge. So more people will die not less. And I think even your initial statement itself was outrageous. These cops are fathers, husbands, sons, and come from all races, yet you appear to value their lives less than street criminals who would invariably thrive under policies you advocate.

My distaste for BLM came a year ago. I found a small blurb in the newspaper about the shooting death of the daughter of Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay. And it really affected me because she was the same age as my daughter. And I thought, “Why are people protesting so much when a guy gets shot by the police, yet not a peep when this innocent girl gets shot.” It really smacks of people using tragedy for political opportunity. Street violence takes many more lives than MALICIOUS police shootings (I’m going to ignore accidental ones since training, not street protests are the only way to solve that). Rather than me say a bunch of stuff and be called racist, I will just post a point of view I largely agree with