That is your problem with my previous post? The fact that I listed Bionic Commando as my favorite game?

It has been a long day filled with conversations with lots of remarkably petty people, but congratulations, you beat them all by a mile.

I mean come on, if you are going to criticize that post, put some real effort into it.

Where to begin? How about the fact that I put Super Mario Bros. 3 at the 9 spot? I am practically spitting on one of the most highly acclaimed games ever made.

Or you could have noticed that I listed Mega Man 3 but not Mega Man 2. Any fan of Mega Man (or NES games in general) will tell you that the latter is the best game in the series.

Then there is Goonies II. This is a game that doesn’t even pretend to have anything to do with the movie Goonies. Heck, it has a frickin’ mermaid in the game at one point.

But, no, your objection is Bionic Commando, a game that, while relatively obscure, managed to get a remake (Bionic Commando Rearmed) on the XBox and PS3 and that remake was so good it got a sequel.

Seriously, get your priorities straight. And if you really are going to be so petty as to criticize my personal list of favorite NES games, actually show that you know something… anything… about the topic before doing so.