I decided to compare some FBI statistics so we could discuss verified numbers.

Total arrests (2015): 8,248,709
White arrests (2015): 5,573,212
Black arrests (2015): 2,197,140

White deaths (2015): 497
Black deaths (2015): 259

First I will start with your favorite numbers.

Deaths per arrest (White): 0.000089
Deaths per arrest (Black): 0.000117

Yep. They are small numbers. But one seems notably bigger than the other. I did a simple ratio to determine how much bigger.

Ratio of White Deaths to Black Deaths
73 : 100

A black individual is 37% more likely to shot while getting arrested than a white individual.

Assuming that black people and white people are arrested in direct relationship to percentage of crimes they commit, that is only a slightly horrifying number.

Now determining actual crime committed vs. arrests made is difficult, but there are some statistics that can give hints towards that. One such study involves consensual searches during traffic stops performed in 14 different police agencies in the states of NC, IL, CT, and RI. In all four states, officers were between 1.5x and 5x as likely to perform a consensual search on a black person than on a white person.

The results of those searches were that in all but one example (RI State Police), the percentage of black people found with contraband was between 60% and 100% of white people. On average, excluding the one outlier, the rate was 79% (even including the outlier it was only 86%).

When you apply both of those statistics, compared to how often they actually have contraband, police search black individuals 3.18x more than white individuals. It is a reasonable extrapolation that they also arrest black people about 3x as often as white people, compared to how often black people actually commit crimes.

Another rather compelling stat is the curfew and loitering violations arrests from 2015.

Total arrests: 33,700
White: 17,782
Black: 15,053

White population: ~200 million
Black population: ~40 million

Blacks are being arrested for this crime at roughly 5x the rate of whites.

In conclusion, even accepting your view that deaths caused by police officers should be compared to arrest statistics (a very questionable comparison since people like Tamir Rice wouldn’t have been arrested if the police officer hadn’t screwed up), black individuals are still killed roughly 40% more often in arrest situations and, compared to how often they actually commit crimes, black individuals appear to be arrested roughly 3x – 5x as often as white individuals.

That means, compared to crimes they commit, black people are between 4.2x and 7x as likely to be killed by a police officer than a white person.