Except the whole premise of your position in regards to BLM is that their movement is predicated on the idea that blacks are being killed by police at such a rate as to make drastic action necessary.

Which is false.

Unless you have numbers showing police to have killed more blacks than they arrested.

I believe the problem is overstated based on the average number of arrests vs the number of blacks being shot.

Just as I would say there is a serious problem if say, 1 million black people were shot vs 2 million arrests. At that point, it makes no difference how many blacks vs whites get shot, 1/3 of the encounters ending with someone shot is a serious issue. More serious than less than 1%.

No statistics degree necessary to make that assessment.

Black people are being hunted. That has been a mantra of BLM and their supporters.

Reality, disproportionate or not, to whatever degree, using whatever stat you like does not support that idea.

Not because I say so. Not because I hate liberals, or think academics have too much time on their hands.

But because in encountering police, in situations that end in either arrest or death.

Everyone is far more likely to end up in jail, than in the ground.

And that ignores random encounters, that is simply arrests vs death.

Is my position clear? Or would you like to try another means of insult?