I care really a lot about that particular part of the
MBL platform, which I do insist is antisemitic. But I’d really, really appreciate it if we could keep discussion of that tiny part of the platform (written by a group not identical to BLM, though certainly not unimportant in BLM) separate. There’s a lot I could point you to on how antisemitism shows up on the Left (like this article: https://newrepublic.com/article/144393/lefts-blind-spot-anti-semitism). But I say that to point out that I really care about that a lot, hoping you’ll consider my perspective as I insist it doesn’t change “BLM good; Nazis bad.” And I want to implore you to not use Jews in that way to drive a wedge between people. My life is important enough for a discussion all its own and not to be someone else’s football.