I’m answering both of your comments together because they’re really the same thing (and I expect you basically just thought of more later) and as you can probably see there is WAY too much traffic going on here to devote two threads instead of just one.

Answering all of them is complicated. And I’ve written about a lot of it before. So you’re welcome to peruse the site. But that’s hard. So let me try to give you a general overview.

There are two kinds of questions you seem to be asking me. Do I think something is “right” as in do I have a problem with it with my personal moral code, and do I think things are a “good” as in do I think this is the right course for society or an action group (be they KKK or BLM) to take. For me those questions often line up but sometimes they don’t. So it’s hard to answer them rapid fire.

And it’s confusing to read stuff I write because sometimes I’m writing as ME and sometimes I’m writing as a cultural theorist. And I try to make that clear, but quite honestly, it bleeds through. I’m a human being and they do interact.

I (Me, MAV personally) am against the idea of a police officer using force first. I am PERSONALLY of the opinion that if if a policeman feels threatened that sucks, and it’s part of the job, but until you physically see a gun in hand and pointed at you, you shouldn’t shoot. Hell, I’m actually kind of OK if we make the rule “until the assailant shoots at you.” Yes, I am aware that this will result in more dead police officer. Yes I am personally ok with that. I will without hesitation say that I am ok with 100 cops being shot by bad guys than I am with with one Tamir Rice being shot by cops. That is how I feel.

Now this conflates with the BLM movement in many ways. But the key thing I think you really want me to address is “am I ok with BLM performing violence.” and the answer there is SOMETIMES. And then it gets complex because I HAVE to mix MY PERSONAL beliefs with my theoretical beliefs on what is best for the social good. And here is where I will disagree with a lot of people here, probably… people you will probably assume are likely going to be 100% on my side because I mean… they’re reading my shit.

I am AGAINST punching Nazis. I don’t care people do it. But I am against it as a matter of course. And I’m ok with saying “arrest those people who punched that Nazi.” And in fact, I think maybe its a good thing for people who punched Nazis to be arrested and then get out and punch more Nazis and repeat. I wouldn’t do it personally. But I understand. That said, I’m not sure it creates the social good that the Nazi punchers want. And here I will address Antifa, since you keep bringing them up… even though I don’t. I’m not a fan. I don’t think their methods cause the change they want. Partly because I don’t think they’re necessarily as informed or well thought out as they should be. But also. because I think their violence plays right into the ideas of the nazis. You can’t terrorize the nazis. They WANT to be punched. Why do you think Spencer keeps going out there to speak in front of BLM rallies. He knows full well that someone is going to sock him, a respectable looking white man in a suit, in the face and that riles up his base because “Look at those savages, punching the poor white man.” He is specifically trying to start a race war. That is his goal. So punching Spencer really just escalate that.

Is it a good idea to have a race war against the nazis? Maybe… that’s a different issue that is a much more complicated one than I will get into in this comment.

On the other hand, I am 100% on board with the burning of Ferguson. So much so that I wrote the article I linked to (http://www.chrismaverick.com/wp/2014/11/25/in-order-to-save-the-village-we-had-to-burn-it-down/) while it was literally still on fire. That was a riot that brought attention the plight of people that would have otherwise been forgotten. It was horrible. It was a last ditch effort. But it was the only play and it ultimately accomplished good. And it sucks to have to make decisions like that.

So they’re complicated questions with no simple answers. And without introspection, they probably seem pretty random.