Chris Maverick “They are all bad guys”?

That is my assessment of the groups. I am not arguing with you here, I am simply stating that this is my assessment.

“No. They aren’t. Again… read the post.”

That was your response.

Except your post does not actually disprove my initial assessment. Especially considering the fact that I purposefully did not attempt to assign any level of equivalence to the “goodness” or “badness” of the groups. Again, on purpose.

You made an argument as to why you believe BLM to be good as compared to the other groups being bad. Centered on the core ideology and actions of each group.

I did the same thing, with the only real difference being that I do not see their central premise as being “good”. Not because I think black people deserve to die. But rather because I do not see them as any more likely to die when encountering police as anyone else.

You see significance in how much of the 1% of people who get arrested pie that get shot are black, I do not.

Not because I do not understand statistics, anymore than my claims are based on me thinking I am an expert in regards to the subject.

I am actually stepping away from statistics as the raw data is such that we can actually see who is being killed as well as why. Or at the very least, what factors are present when it happens.

~1000 people. We could realistically look at each case individually and learn all sorts of things about police shootings. But that is not what has happened.

What has happened is people have vilified LEO’s as a whole and created an atmosphere of mistrust based on a very small percentage of instances.

I disagree with THAT and I think it harmful. So seeing as BLM’s central premise is THAT, I see BLM as bad.