Dmitri Schoeman What I am saying is that being armed is a factor, just as the race of the person in question. Just as the city in which these things occur. The crime rate, the circumstance.

Suppose the number if exactly 400. How many proven cases of police brutality occurred during the same time frame? Wouldn’t that number affect the percentages? How many news stories are there lambasting the police for shooting a drug dealer? A murderer? And armed robber?

What you, and BLM are doing is taking the raw number of blacks who are killed and assigning relevance to race over all other factors, and using THAT to determine that blacks are X amount more likely. You are suggesting that being black is the primary reason for the difference. Which may or may not be true. In either case it is relevant to the idea that they are X amount more likely to be shot.

What I am saying, is that taking all of that into account, not matter what the reasoning. When a black person encounters the cops(understand that arrests do not equal encounters), based on the raw data. The percentage of blacks who do not end up shot is greater than 99%.

So I ask you, what does it mean to be hunted by the police if 99% of the time you do not end up dead, regardless of race?