Well, this was a little different. This was a response to me being asked 4 or 5 times in the last three days (both on line and in real life) how is BLM any different from the KKK. And it occurred to me that others might be having that problem.

So what I did was write what I considered to be a clear easy to answer, easy to link to or cut and paste from explanation of their base ideologies and histories.

Despite how it feels in the comments, I was going out the way to keep moral judgement of BLM out of it. The idea is that even if you are totally against BLM because you do think that it is a movement all about killing police and burning cities, you could still hopefully use the point that “BLM was founded with this ideology, and KKK/Nazis were founded with this one which is different.” Which is basically where Jeffrey Kertis is sort of meeting in his comment below. Even though I disagree with the point that I think he is probably trying to make (haven’t gotten to it yet… there’s a lot going on here), it’s important to at least have people able to get to that base level of understanding between BLM and THE FUCKING NAZIS because like… I can’t believe we live in a time where that is not just immediately obvious.