Dmitri Schoeman My claim here is that 40% represents such a small percentage of blacks who are arrested and that the fact that ~80% of the blacks that get shot are armed and actually committing a crime.

I say approximately 80% because that is the how many of the roughly 1000 people in general who are shot that meet the armed/crime criteria. Regardless, based on the available data, at least half, if not more are not “innocent”, or killed simply because they are black.

Anymore than the white or latino people who are killed(a percentage of which is armed) are killed because of race.

Also, none of this takes into account where the arrests occur, which goes to the point of specific areas being more likely to produce such a discrepancy.

My question remains. Even if all 1000 people killed were black. Hell 10000 people. Based on the number of black arrests and encounters with police. What percentage of black deaths constitutes being hunted? What factors support the claim that they in more danger?

If a black person has a 1% chance of getting shot and a white person has a .7% chance of being shot., Are you suggesting that requires a shift in policy when the total number of people being shot who are “innocent” is approximately 1000?