Chris Maverick Do you sample conservative or right-wing media? I think you really ought to if you want a sense of the particular enemy you are facing. The reason I ask is that you seem pretty naive if you think a post like yours could do anything to make a dent in anyone who consumes information from that source.

Your first commenter gave a pithy summary of the consensus view in that world. I’m almost glad it appeared because it immediately exposed the naivete I perceived. On right-wing media, BLM is a violent, anti-police movement of thugs. It is a virulent ideology responsible for the massacre of police officers in Dallas. It immediately gets lumped together with Antifa — construed as window-smashing, fire-setting radicals, the New Black Panthers, perhaps Nation of Islam or the Muslim Brotherhood, as a shorthand tag for ultra-left-wing movement, all assumed to be violent. It is almost like the 1960s hippie-bashing.

The interesting thing to me also is that at this point, that picture is not even something you have to argue for in right-wing land. It is just taken for granted. It is in the “common ground” of the discourse, the background everybody shares and knows everybody else shares. All they have to say now is “Of course BLM and Antifa will be there [and you know what that means folks]”, and that is all they have to do to conjure up the well-prepared demonized images of rioters and police shooters (today’s Willie Hortons) and the like.

And I am not referring to the overtly racist right-wing-land of white nationalists, alt-right trolls or what have you. This is basically the view of mainstream conservatives and Fox-watching Republicans — people who are “in the cult” as I think of it. It’s there even among Trump-hating conservatives, for example at National Review.

I don’t think you can really undermine such a deep-seated view with some neutral facts or logic. (Yes its good to appeal to facts and logic, where they can be found, but they are kind of impotent for changing minds). You would need to break the whole interlocking picture and the highly motivated psychological underpinnings.