Even if the fundamental premise of the group is a lie (which you haven’t proven because of complex misunderstanding of statistics) that doesn’t matter. Because statistics don’t matter to the argument. Which is why I didn’t include them.

If I create a group with the fundamental ideology “water buffalo are killing too many poets. Please stop killing poets.” Your logic, such that it is, is till valid. There is no single recorded case, that I am aware of at least, of a water buffalo killing a poet.

That’s irrelevant. Your refute of “but water buffalo don’t kill poets” is not an equivocation of “and so Poet Lives Matter is as bad as the KKK.”

NOW… if Poet Lives Matter incorporated with official rules and created a website that said “Water Buffalo are killing too many poets So kill all the water buffalo” you’d have a point. But they didn’t. That isn’t part of the movement. EVEN if my friend Les Kay (who I’m tagging because I know he has read this, from Likes and he happens to be a poet) goes on a wild spree, shooting water buffalo, that is still not a reflection on my Poet Lives Matter movement because my movement never endorsed the killing of water buffalo… only (in this case) meaningless pleas of poets not to be killed.

And again… all of that actually extends beyond my argument which was merely a history lesson.