And I didn’t bring up any of that in this argument. Again you’re trying to extend it in order to have something to disagree with. And I’m humoring you BECAUSE I DO support BLM over KKK. I am in no way ashamed to admit that.

But the point of the post is literally the difference in the base ideologies. I was pretty clear on that in the post. You’re refuting it not because I was non-factual… I wasn’t. There is not a single objective fact in my post that is wrong. I didn’t bring up stats. I didn’t bring up individual cases. I did that on purpose. You’re refuting it because you don’t like the group.

But now that we’re here… even if we accept that “this isn’t the police’s job” (and I’m not honestly willing to grant you that. But it’s a side point that goes into Foucault’s discipline and punish and the very nature of justice vs protection and peace keeping in the nation state) it doesn’t matter. Because their job isn’t to exacerbate a situation either. In fact it is specifically to defuse.

Saying NOTHING to the request “please don’t kill me” is better. Saying “ok is better”. Even saying “I’m not going to kill you you worthless fucking nigger” is qualitatively (not necessarily quantifiably) better than “I’m no more likely to kill you than anyone else” which sort of flaws your argument here.