Michael Strauss Who? Who exactly? You want to talk about facts vs opinion. You want to claim statistical relevance. Who? My claim is simple, from the most basic numbers available, the odds of me being shot, as a black man, by the police, if I get arrested, regardless of what I was doing, is less than 1%.

I would venture to guess that if I were armed, in a bad area, committing a crime, being belligerent, etc. That percentage goes up.

If you are saying that it doesn’t matter “how much more likely”, or how likely in general as Chris Maverick appears to be doing. Then you have undermined the whole premise of the movement.

Blacks are being hunted. No, no they aren’t. They are slightly more likely to be shot, but they are also more likely to be committing a crime while doing so. Also they are more likely(than people who don’t get shot), to be armed. They are also more likely to be shot if they are in a large urban area, or an area of high crime.

Blacks are being hunted is a pretty terrible thing to say. It is a terrible thing to consider, and it has been used to justify a lot of racial division in this country. It HAS been the cause of violence and it IS the central tenant of BLM.

And, it is 100% a false statement based on any metric you can find, simply because police do not actually kill that many people, OF ANY RACE, on average and when they do 80 FUCKING percent of the people who get shot are armed and committing a crime.

That is not hunting.