“All Lives Matter” is inclusive of “Black Lives Matter”. And if lives matter, then you will be horrified by “police shooting nonthreatening people” regardless of race. And if that’s the case, when you see people upset about a black person being needlessly shot by police, and you insist on saying, “All lives matter”, your next statement will NEVER be, “so stop protesting”, your next statement will ALWAYS be something along the lines of “so how can we work together to reduce or eliminate those situations where people are needlessly killed by a police officer?”. If you think a life matters, its needless end will bother you, BY FUCKING DEFINITION of the word “matters”.

And when challenged, and you should expect to be because you are addressing people who feel threatened, about whether the cop would have shot a white person in Philando Castile’s position, you have the choice of two answers: “Yes I do! You may not agree with me, and I understand that, but it’s still important that we work together to stop this”, or “No, you’re right, there is something special about race that is making the violence worse that needs to be addressed”.

Also, and I can’t stress this enough, if you expect people to listen to you, you need to be willing to listen to them. And if you expect people to change their minds, you need to be willing to have your mind changed. Otherwise, you are treating them as inferiors, not equals.