Chris Maverick “But the point is, if someone is worried that you are going to kill them… and that is your response then you’re being an asshole… ”

No, and there it is. There is the fundamental problem with just about everything you say.

I do not have to justify myself to someone who “feels” threatened, that’s on them. I don’t have to prove that I am not going to do something. I don’t have to make anyone feel safe. That’s not my job. My job is to not do those things, because, um, not bad guy. That’s it.

The police don’t have to say “ok, we won’t do that”. Even though they have. They don’t have to say they will try harder. Even though they have. They just have to not kill people just because they are black.

Which, oddly enough, the VAST majority of police officers seem ok with.

So they have literally complied, REGARDLESS of how many black people get killed. Yet the narrative is still: please don’t kill us…

OK, you win, problem solved, how about we look into stopping blacks from killing each other…