Also, while you may claim that it is statistical noise, that is because you are ignoring the larger context. Yes, killings are pretty rare. That will always be the case, even if every single police officer in the force was a card carrying Nazi. The reason is because the laws are set up that there is only so much you can get away with before facing consequences (even if that consequence is just losing a cozy job where you can freely bash in the heads of n****rs).

However, those statistics aren’t noise, because they also directly correlate with police brutality and assaults on arrested suspects, which are MUCH, MUCH higher numbers. So, sure, maybe only a few hundred black men are being killed due to racism each year. But tens of thousands (probably hundreds of thousands) are being assaulted in some way or another due to racism. And due to the way these statistics are monitored, we can’t directly track that, but we can extrapolate those numbers from the number of people killed by police officers, because of the (I’ll say it again) direct correlation.