Chris Maverick

“The statistics I’ll leave alone since others have already shown you the flaws in your basic math.”

400 is what percent of 3 million. Hell multiply it by 10. 4000 of 3 million. Fuck it, 100, 40000 of 3 million.

Ignoring data does not strengthen your argument. If you want to say that no one should be killed by police, ok. It’s silly, but it is ok.

And, once again. I said they were bad, I explained why, I did not present them as equal to the other groups. I stated how they present their ideology as well as what the other groups do. I believe they are bad, because the “movement” is pushing falsehoods for the sake of division, which is very, very bad, and IMO part of the reason there has been a rise in activity in regards to the other groups.