You are correct, sir, there is a hyperlink in your article. That means that if you wanted the information in the hyperlink to be your supporting evidence, you should have clicked on it and then linked to that page. That is how evidence works. Instead you used a biased opinion piece and then tried to defend that as evidence by claiming it was sourced (even though it actively misrepresents its source).

As for claiming I made a racist statement, in doing so you actually pretty much labeled yourself a racist. All I did was say, based on your actions, you appeared more willing to listen to a white man than a black man. I didn’t actually claim you were racist or even apply motive to that observation. You, however, immediately decided that I had invoked racism, which means you basically acknowledged that being willing to listen to a white man more than a black man is a racist action. Congratulations on turning my simple observation of your behavior into a condemnation of your own behavior.