Michael Strauss Many, many years ago.

If you are suggesting that we should start a social movement vilifying the police based on the .00whatever % chance that a black person will get shot when being arrested, as opposed to the .000whatever percentage that someone of another race will get shot, then I am here to tell you, you are out of your god damn mind.

Step back from your ideology and think logically for just one second.

If the argument, is that the police are hunting blacks. And that is the premise of the movement. What is more important to the narrative?

The percentage of people killed, or the ACTUAL number of people killed? If it were 1 million, ok, then the disparities might come into play based on statistics, HOWEVER, it is not 1 million.

It is roughly 400.

Which means, regardless of any differences in how many blacks vs whites are killed. Both groups have less than a 10th of a percent chance of being killed by the police when being arrested.

So you, and BLM are literally arguing over who is more ridiculously unlikely to get shot by the police.

Do you understand. Blink once for yes, twice for no…