“All of their ideology is flawed, based on misinformation and prejudice. That’s a fact.”

I feel the need to explain to you in philosophical, logical, and scientific detail what a fact is, but it took me two different graduate level classes to perfectly understand that concept and I don’t have the time to go into that level of detail with you. So, to keep it short, you really don’t understand what a fact is based on this statement.

But rather than dissect your lack of education on philosophical relativism, I will dissect your lack of education on BLM.

The primary ideology of BLM is that black men are killed or assaulted by police officers in excessive numbers compared to white men (in fact, compared to any other race / gender combination). This is actually a proven fact. Simple, government produced statistics show that, when population percentage is accounted for, black men are roughly 6x as likely to be killed by a police officer than a white man.

You claimed the ideology is flawed or based on misinformation, but that is pure fiction. The ideology is based on evidence that nobody disputes (as I said, these are statistics, which are pretty darn hard to dispute).

That means the only real question is why black men are killed with such higher frequency that white men. There are plenty of “competing” theories (ie. strawmen that have been thrown in the way to distract from the Occam’s Razor answer), but they have all been discounted by scientific analysis. Black men are not 6x more likely to commit a crime, for example. In short, when all factors other than racism are accounted for, the numbers still show that black men are killed or assaulted by police officers in excess compared to white men. Only racism explains that differential.

Those are the facts.