Ok. Things to unpack. Simply put you’re wrong.

More intricately put. You’re wrong and here’s why:

First of all. I don’t think you know what bias is. You think bias means “doesn’t agree with me.” Sometimes I am biased. I am not here because I didn’t talk about any of my opinions.

My entire argument is based around the fundamental ideology of the groups as stated by the groups themselves.

The #BLM’s ideology is “please don’t let the police kill innocent people.” Yes black people are killed with a greater frequency per capital than whites. I know you don’t believe that. You’re wrong. But it’s irrelevant. Which is why I didn’t bring it up in the post.

The reason this is… is because Dmitri is right here. Say that I’m wrong and innocent black people aren’t being killed with greater frequency. Then the only logical answer to the ideology presented by the #BLM movement is “ok fine. We weren’t planning on killing you anyway. So whatever”. Any other response is problematic.

In the KKK and Nazi cases it’s not that easy. The only possible responses are “you’re right. Kill us.”

That’s a fundamental difference.

Again… I intentionally didn’t reference OTHER left wing activist groups. Many are far more organized than BLM. Many are far more violent as a matter of ideology.

Nor did I say that there are no violent people associated with BLM. There probably are. And there are probably nazis that run animal shelters and feed homeless orphans. None of those things are of issue. This is a post about the historic founding and ideology of the three respective groups.

And the fundamental points I made on this are specific and accurate.