I read your post, and as usual your bias is far stronger than any insight you might provide.

I didn’t say they were a hate group, did I? I didn’t compare them to the others? Did I? I didn’t even single them out.

What I said is that they were all bad guys, which they are. Nothing in that statement is contradicted in the “facts” you have presented.

All of their ideology is flawed, based on misinformation and prejudice. That’s a fact. They all use fear mongering and violence as a means of intimidation. That’s a fact. And they all use the narrative of victim hood to garner support. Again, fact.

None of them are good for this country. None of them are even good for the people they claim to be trying to protect or empower. Hence, none of them are “good”.

It’s been a long week, and the ridiculousness of people has kept me kind of on the outskirts of this whole thing. But, fuck it. If you people want to do this…

I’m your huckleberry, and you ain’t no daisy.