Ummm…. no. BLM Isn’t a corporation. There’s no one to disavow and there’s nothing for other corporations to disavow. Your argument makes about as much sense as saying “where is the corporate disavowal of save the whales?”

Seriously, it’s great that you think I’ve made a fool of myself and I sound like a bigot. You seeked me out… we have no friends in common on Facebook, you clearly are answering there and not my blog. And you were the very first person to comment so it’s not a viral situation or friends of friends. Your page is private but prominently features a Captain America reference taken out of context that you clearly don’t actually understand being used to promote your vision of fascism and some complaints about Obamacare. So I can only assume that you look for things that reference the #BLM hashtag to come and complain about because you are a racist who likes to show up black people.

But you know, I’m glad I look like a fool.