First of all #BLM didn’t burn Ferguson. Ferguson was not burned in an organized event by any group that you can attribute a name to. Ferguson was burned in the spontaneous riot at the conclusion of a court decision. You don’t know which if any of the people involved were members of #BLM, which as an organized movement was in its infancy at the time. And as I said, “no matter what things, good or bad….” but again, you don’t know that anyone even purporting to be a member was involved. And membership is vague here because it’s not a group in the same way as the nazis or the KKK are which is exactly what I just wrote about. What you mean to say here is essentially “black people” because that’s the only real signifiers you have about the individuals involved in the Ferguson riots. And what you’re saying is pretty damn racist.

Second, all of those other thing are marks of specific individuals, some of whom are associated with he #BLM movement, because, honestly, for the most part, being associated with the #BLM movement is pretty much as simple as just saying you are or chanting a mantra. That’s all it really takes. So some individuals might be for any of those things you’re saying and some aren’t. And since you don’t know any of this and you insist on saying that it’s about good, that implies that you didn’t read beyond the first sentence. And certainly not the last paragraph because I address exactly how your sentence ended And just wanted to express your opinion that #BLM is thuggish because… well you’re pretty damn racist.

Third, yes, the burning of Ferguson was in many ways good and certainly necessary.