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BLM Good, KKK Bad…

For the record… the KKK are bad guys. Also… the Nazis are bad guys. #BLM are the good guys. I just want that to be clear.

You know… if you’d asked me ten years ago if I’d ever have to write a blog like this, I’d think you were crazy. If you’d asked me two years ago if I’d ever have to write a blog like this, I’d think you were stupid. A year ago… well… by then I’d probably say “oh god, I hope not… but I’m not so sure.” Today… I have to write a blog like this.

So obviously, I had some thoughts about this last weekend that I shared in my last couple of posts. And I’d like to say, much like 99% of the country, regardless of politics… I was pretty outraged. Except… it wasn’t 99% of the country. That’s becoming pretty clear. It turns out it’s starting to look like it’s more like 65-75% of the country. And that’s… hard to fathom…

Ok, let’s face it. There are some people out there… I dunno… lets just say 5% of Americans… who are outright racist. These are the people who actually were marching and chanting about the Jews (and the blacks and the fags). Fuck those guys! By the way, one of the best things I can say about this country right now, is that for all the horror of the last few days, I don’t really have to justify my hatred of Nazis. I can just say “fuck those guys” and move on. Most people… even the staunchest supporters of Trump, don’t think i have to justify hating the Nazis specifically. The few who do… well, fuck those guys.

But the next 20-30%. That’s who I need to address here.


So I wrote my two diatribes on Tuesday because, much like most of the internet, I was pretty pissed off and wanted to complain about some stuff that I found pretty horrible. I was happy to see people resharing it. Thank you for that. I was happy to see people agreeing. Thank you again. And believe it or not, even for the people who didn’t agree with me and wanted to argue with me, I was happy for them too. Jeffrey Kertis, this specifically includes you, because you were the most vocal on that post. And… while I still disagree with the vast majority of your politics on most issues, I will publicly say here that it was big of you to apologize for offending people once you realized you had.

BUT, I’ve also been drawn into several discussions since then (that’s not a complaint… I’m happy to do it) about the “moral equivalency” of the two different protest groups or what the president calls “many sides.” And the thing that I’ve had to counter most often is the idea that “But!!!! #BlackLivesMatter is a hate group too!!!! They’re just as bad as the Nazis and the KKK!!!!”


No… No they aren’t!

I’ve explained this a few times … to varying levels of success… in the past few days. Some people are convinced. Most probably are not. So, in the interest of having something that everyone can point to when arguing with someone in the 20-30% group who fundamentally believes that, I’m writing this. It probably won’t work… they’ll probably just tell you that I’m an asshole and my opinion doesn’t matter. But it’s worth a try. And I’m going to do this with facts. So from here on out, this is not a political issue at all. This is just the difference.

So here are some facts:

#BLM is not a hate group. Honestly, they’re barely even a “group.” #BlackLivesMatter is a political movement founded in 2013 based around a a singular premise of “police are killing too many innocent black people. Please stop killing us.” That’s it. Nothing else. That is the entirety of ideology behind the base movement. There are quite likely other ideals that various people who believe in the #BLM movement share. But that is the base idea behind it. No matter how many other things #BLM members do, good or bad, the base ideology is “please don’t kill us, mmkay?”

The Nazis are a hate group. They are a political party (actually several parties) originally founded in 1920, focused around the central ideology of scientific racism. That is, they believe that evolutionarily, socially and intellectually white people are naturally superior to everyone else and that in order to secure and protect this superiority, the best course of action is to eliminate, eradicate or remove other ethnic groups. For the purposes of their ideology, Jews aren’t white, and they would in fact be the largest historic victims of the Nazis. The original group was disbanded after WWII, and has had other incarnations that have replaced it in the years sense. No matter how many other things the Nazis do, good or bad, the base ideology of the group is “white people are superior! Everyone else get the fuck out! Or else!”

The Ku Klux Klan is a hate group. They are a fraternal terrorist organization, originally founded in 1865 with the express purpose of being a pro-slavery insurgency after the South lost the American Civil War. Their sole purpose is to spread terror amongst the African-American population in order to keep them as oppressed as possible, primarily through violence and murder. That’s it. Nothing else. That is the entirety of the ideology behind the organization. The original group was disbanded in 1871 and reorganized in 1915. No matter how many other things the KKK does, good or bad, the base ideology of the group is “Kill the Niggers!” And yes, that is how THEY phrase it.

These are not my opinions. These are the documented history of the three groups. I am not telling you which ones you can or should support or which ones you shouldn’t. Merely that this is what they stand for.

I’m not saying there are no bad people associated with #BLM. In fact, I’m sure there are. I can’t even technically say that there aren’t any good people associated with the KKK or the Nazis. But I can say the purpose of the first group is positive and the latter two groups are negative.

The reason this matters is that right now people are frequently misunderstanding what #BLM is. That comes from misinformation about it spread through at best misunderstanding born of systemic racism and at worst a directed and intentional move to disparage and oppress black people. I’m not going to go so far as to say that there aren’t left wing hate groups. There are. I’m not going to claim that there aren’t racist organizations espousing black supremacy. There are. I’m just not going to tell you the names of any of them. Why? Because the fact that you don’t know the names shows how much less of a problem they are than the groups here that you do know. The point is, #BLM isn’t one of them.

And if you have a doubt think of it this way. The KKK and the Nazis are so synonymous with hate that they are often used as insults just when you don’t like someone and you want them to look bad. They are so synonymous with hate, that those who want to disparage #BLM say stuff like “#BlackLivesMatter is just as bad as the KKK and the Nazis.” And yet… no one has ever complained “The KKK and the Nazis are just as bad as #BLM!”

Any questions?

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