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This is where we live…

It is August 15th, 2017…. The President of the United States of America just equated Robert E. Lee to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The President of the United States of America just said that Nazis are better than people protesting Nazis because at least they had permits. This is where we live now. This is real life.

So I think about Donald Trump a lot.

I know… we all do.

I think about him a lot… and I have since he descended down the fabled escalator and announced his bid to take over the country. People who read what I post regularly will know that I was pretty afraid he was going to win from the very beginning. It’s certainly not a secret where my politics lie here. I’ve been pretty upfront about it. Earlier I even posted my little rant about goading a Trump supporter into being stupid over his view on Colin Kaepernick’s anti-national anthem protests. And I stand by everything I said there. See, I think it’s important to make sure racist idiots are very vocally idiots. I know they aren’t going away just because they’re quiet. And, as distasteful as they are, I’d rather have a bunch of idiots walking around in public spouting hatred and stupidity loudly so that other people might say “wow, I was inclined to kind of share in that viewpoint…  but this other person who is clearly a moron is saying the same thing… so maybe I should rethink my position here.”

For similar reasons, I refuse to be the person who won’t call Donald Trump the president. I totally accept his presidency. He is our reality. He is where we live. Ignoring him won’t make him go away. We need to accept that the President of the United States is a giant racist moron. We need to accept that this is our reality. That is the only way in which we can get better.

The moron from yesterday blocked me. I’m actually kind of sad about that. I was expecting he’d rant and rave on that post and look even stupider. He didn’t. That’s his right. BUT, I have been informed that he is ranting and raving defending white supremacists on his Facebook page. And luckily, even though I can no longer be there, I’m told there are other “liberal pigs” picking up where I left off. I’m sad I am missing that great fun. But I still think it’s necessary. As much fun as it may be to punch Nazis… I think it might be even more important to make idiot racist morons look as stupid as possible on every possible occasion. Change isn’t fast… it’s really slow. And this is part of it.

I’ve said before, that I said after the election to some of my colleague grad students “we study the fall of civilizations and cultures for a living. When are you ever going to get another chance to do it from the inside?”

And because of that…. I just want to note the date…. for when future archaeologists, anthropologists, literary critics and cultural theorists are studying the ruins of the civilization once known as America…..

August 15, 2017.  71 years, 11 months, 13 days after the end of WWII. The day that the sitting President of the United States of America held a press conference to say that Nazis were better than anti-Nazi protestors. That’s right… I repeat, the 45th President of the United States, has officially endorsed the Nazis.

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