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On Bended Knee (Sexual Dynamics in Game of Thrones – SPOILERS)

Fair Warning: Beyond here be SPOILERS. And Dragons… you have been warned.

So there’s some Game of Thrones things happening in the last few episodes that have gotten me really thinking. Specifically things that relate to the relationship between fan favorite characters Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. I think it’s been interesting to watch them these last few episodes, not just because they’re pretty and they’re main characters, but because there’s a clear sexual power dynamic brewing between them. Not just the sexual tension mind you… but a play for sexual dominance.

It doesn’t really surprise me that people are starting to ship them together. They’ve pretty much been clearly the fan favorite characters since the show started. And Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke are totally hot and I’d happily fuck either of them and so would you and if you say you wouldn’t you’re a big fat liar. To hell with you, you liar!!!!

Obviously people are going to ship them together. The only reason people aren’t adding Arya and Tyrion to their fantasies is that we live in a mononormative culture. Clearly if you’re polyamorously inclined fan you’ve spent years pining away for the OT4 orgy between all four characters on the Iron Throne… maybe while Drogon watches…  I mean, not that you’re into that…  but come on… I mean, who among us hasn’t shouted “Dracarys” at the moment of orgasm? Anyone? Umm… anyone? Errr… never mind… lets move along…

Anyway, so yeah… the fact that they’re related doesn’t really matter that much. I mean, this is a show that broke the incest taboo on literally the first episode with brother and sister, so throwing in some aunt and nephew sex is kind of par for the course. And honestly, it’s not like they even know it yet… so I really feel like the show is kinda trying to get them to bang before Bran gets a chance to tell them. Hell, they even mentioned it on this most recent episode. I sort of expect a conversation like this in the near future:

Bran Stark: But she’s your aunt.

Jon Snow: I mean, sure she’s my aunt…. but it’s not like she’s my aunt aunt… I mean I just met her three days ago…. and like we have dragon blood…. that totally changes everything, right? Right. We have to keep the family lineage going. Please say that’s right. I got laid once in a cave and I’d really like to do it again.

Bran Stark: You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Clearly that’s coming… the show just writes itself. Anyway, I also think they’ve been building towards a war for who has the dom and sub roles in Dany and Jon’s relationship these last few weeks. I just don’t think it’s possible that Dany doesn’t believe in White Walkers. She is a magical being with fire powers who literally gave birth to dragons. She was talking to a demon sorcerous lady yesterday. So it doesn’t really make sense that she’s like “Ice zombies?!?!? That’s a myth!” I think she’s just holding out because she likes seeing Jon beg.

My friend Hanna forwarded this meme yesterday, starring Dany and Jon on the telephone with each other:

Jon: Hello who’s this?

Dany: Ben.

Jon: Ben who?

Dany: Ben D. Knee

*hangs up*

And that’s pretty much accurate to how the show has been treating them. Bending the knee is a mark of submission. Obviously it is swearing fealty. It’s used pretty commonly on the show. But Dany’s obsession with it in relation to Jon specifically has me thinking that it’s specifically HIM she wants to submit. And the fact that she seems to like him enough to, you know, not jail him or feed him to a dragon for his insolence means something too. And his refusal to do so even though, and in fact, I’d argue specifically BECAUSE it is getting to her, is equally a sexual dominance thing.

Like, first she was all “he must bend the knee. I am his queen… he has no choice. If he doesn’t bend the knee to hell with him.” Then she was like “why won’t he bend the knee? I’m the queen… come on, bend the knee!” By this week’s episode she was totally “I’ll fight the white walkers with you if you bend the knee” and I feel like next episode, she’s going to be reduced to “come on, maybe just the tip of the knee? Just bend it a little bit? You don’t have to go all the way down… maybe try 30 degrees and see how it feels!”

I’m not even sure she knows how bending the knee works exactly… she’s just heard all of the popular girls in the lockerroom talking about it and she knows its the cool thing to make a boy do.

And I kind of wonder if there’s a scene in the future where after a hard fought battle, they give into their passion and finally rip each other’s clothes off and fuck…  but in a stunning display of stubbornness, both of them do so while trying to keep their legs as straight as possible the entire time.

If I had more ambition, I would have spent an hour or two splicing together clips of the two of them to Boys II Men’s “On Bended Knee,” but I was lazy. So use your imagination. And you’re welcome for getting that stuck in your head.

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