Chris: So what is the point? Analyzing a predominately male dominated medium by gender will show a greater instance of male dominance as portrayed in the medium? That seems kind of obvious.

Michael: What I am saying is that the reasoning behind naming characters is not simply about gender, even when gender was used to make the female characters more subordinate. Did it happen? Of course. To subjugate the female characters? Of course. My curiosity, not really an argument, was simply in regards to the other factors that lead to the difference in powers and names.

So yes, Ice Boy, does not have the same ring as Ice Man. And, regardless of age, he was part of the team, not a side kick. Hence my earlier question.

To say that how a name sounds is not relevant in regards to the reasoning behind the naming of characters is silly. Gender bias aside, if you are going to do an analysis of naming conventions in comics, it seems kind of misguided to ignore one of the most common aspects of naming characters.

The difference in powers is another story, but my curiosity was not really in regards to that aspect of the study.