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drunken photoshoots

This is a weird thing that keeps showing up in my feed even though I know that it came out over a year ago. But every time it comes up, I look at it and say… I want to do this!!!

It’s a series from Marcos Alberti. He calls it “The Wine Project” and it’s fucking amazing. Basic premise, get model. Take portrait. Model takes drink. Take another portrait. Repeat and create ever growing series of drunken portraits.

I love it. I kind of want to do it. I wonder if the cool way to do it is just standard sitting portraits like he does or if it would make sense to actually try to do something creative and posey…. Maybe both. I have no idea.

Anyway… I kinda vaguely want to try it. Any takers? (Warning, I may be getting drunk myself).

Edit: In answer to Steve Shaffer’s question, I should have made this clear. This is not a “modeling experience required” kind of thing. I like the concept he used.



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