Yeah, there are other RNC candidates I could have swallowed (Kasich, maybe Rubio. Not that I loved them, I disagree with a lot of their ideas, but I could have stomached them as the Republican nominee.). Cruz, man, cruz is really bad, and also bad on purpose. He’s the one that held out for the government shutdown longer than the others. He would rather trainwreck everything than, I don’t know, let sane negotiations happen? Partially for the sake of defunding PP? Ted Cruz is the fucking worst.
But Trump is the fucking worst because he doesn’t even understand government, or humanity, or words. I want my President to understand how words represent things in the real world, and how they go together.
This is the worst Chris. I think in bizzarro world I’d not vote or vote 3rd party or write-in, and then still be just as displeased in America as I am right now.
For the record, I haven’t been an official Democrat for very long. I was an independant who usually (but not always) voted dem and registered dem to vote for Bernie in the primaries. So I’m not necessarily tied to party line votes.
But damn Ted Cruz is the worst, except for Trump.