I get what you’re saying. But you’re doing what Republicans did a year and a half ago. You’re assuming he could never get that far. I’m saying he somehow he does. Basically just like he did last time in the RNC.

He rides down an escalator and says he wants to kick out all the mexican druggie rapists. He inspires a bunch of unlikely voters to join the DNC. Meanwhile Hillary and Bernie ignore him and fight against each other splitting the vote and stopping a unified front.

Trump sneaks in and manages to get JUST ENOUGH votes to where he’s winning going into the convention…. He brings his rabid personal base that isn’t really republican anyway. He gets the support of Democrats for Life. Maybe he’s just a handful of votes shy and needs some superdelegates… not a lot though… lets say he’s 5 delegates short.

Hillary is in second place but she’s lost enough votes to Trump and Bernie that her superdelegates won’t take her over the top either. What she needs are 50 Bernie delegates to drop him and vote for her instead. That plus her supers will get here there.

Bernie doesn’t have a shot. He’s in a distant third, but his supporters are Bernie supporters. They are devoted. They refuse to vote for Hillary instead. Bernie or Bust!!!!

Trump does the impossible. He finds 5 superdelegates who are willing to vote for him “for the good of the party” and to “support the will of the voters.” Remember, he has won the most votes in the primaries… just not enough. And maybe his Profile views just barely make him palatable to say…. Joe Donnelly and even Tim Kaine (who in this situation has never gotten to where he thinks he’s going to be veep because Hillary is losing, so he’s never asked)

So Trump squeaks it out and gets the nomination. So now he’s running the same misogynistic and racist campaign as he ran, just under the DNC instead of the RNC.

The whole point of the question is, which do you hate more the conservative president or Trump.

The idea was that your traditional republican voter was placed in the situation where they had to decide “Do I vote for the party, because at least there’s a republican… or do I vote for a person I hate (Hillary) just to stop this madman?” This voter never imagined being placed in this situation, but once s/he was there, that’s what they had to decide.