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Election 2016: Bizarro World Edition

There’s something that has been on my mind the last couple days since I was having a conversation with Steph and I’ve been trying to figure it out. So I want to do a thought experiment and see what people’s feedback is.

Ok, so Donald Trump isn’t really a republican; he never was. In fact, once upon a time he used to be a registered democrat… and basically he rose to power because traditional republicans never took him seriously until it was much too late. So let’s assume a world where he stayed with the democratic party… but otherwise the same basic things happened.

So here’s the situation. Trump is exactly the same person as he always has been. Nothing changes about him. Same basic… lets call them “policies”… and same basic crazy mentality. He remains a dumbass. BUT he somehow shocks the world, and even with superdelegates just barely manages to squeak by and win the DNC nomination in the summer of 2016 beating out Hillary and Bernie and (and O’Malley, Chaffee and Webb… remember them? Yeah, didn’t think so). Without his Orangeness gumming up the works, lets say Ted Cruz manages to sail into the RNC nomination narrowly defeating Kasich and Rubio. We will leave third party candidates alone, so Stein and Johnson are in exactly their same spots.

So, in this case we now have a November ballot which is DNC: Donald Trump vs. RNC: Ted Cruz vs. Lib: Johnson vs Green: Stein.

Who do you vote for?

Pre-election polling is breaking down pretty much exactly like one would expect. DNC Trump has a slight lead going into election day but RNC Cruz has a shot. So no, you don’t get to say “Oh clearly Bernie Sanders will win in a massive write-in campaign” or “Perfect, this is the situation that would allow the Green party a real chance.” You’re welcome to vote Sanders or Stein or Johnson or Clinton… sure… but this is a world where it’s still an essential two party system so it’s going to come down to Cruz or Trump at the end of the day. Do you vote for Cruz in order to stop Donald Trump from getting into the presidency?

I expect the vast majority of people paying attention to this are Trump haters and nominally democrats, or at least liberals. But I’m curious as to the opinion of conservatives as well… AND I’m curious as to the opinions of people who are personal Trump supporters. I’m guessing none are paying attention, but if you are a Trump supporter, do you vote for Trump the democrat?

So what do you do? And why?




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