that was a good example. And it’s certainly more subtle than anything with Megan Fox, but pretty much anything is.

Note how her breast line stays in central focus for the entire shot. Compare this to the way TJ Miller moves throughout the frame when he runs before his death in the previous movie.

In that case there’s far less emphasis on his chest because he’s a guy and that’s not how people frame men in action scenes.

I’m not even specifically saying it’s bad. Just that it’s there. There’s an intentional move to make sure she is “pretty” while she runs.

There’s actually LESS of a move in the same TF4 clip to make Nicola Peltz look that way, though they do take care to frame her centrally between the two male runners (whalberg and reynor).

On the other hand the TF4 clip intentionally draws attention to Peltz’s sexuality earlier with the innuendos about no one being better at “grabbing my stick”.

Again… I’m actually NOT anti teen sexuality the way many people are when they analyze these. It’s a movie. It’s supposed to entice the audience. Framing for the male gaze is one way of doing that.

For a “not doing that” example note Daisy Ridley in this Force Awakens clip. She’s the most important character so she’s still central frame focus, but she moves realistically across it without the camera focusing on her boobline the same way.