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Mavademics: Disavowal of the Innocent

“Jeepers! A Dame — And she’s been croaked!” – Seriously… there’s totally a reason I used this picture here.

A while back someone, I don’t remember who, asked me how I could possibly be an academic, let alone an English teacher, given the way I write — the topics, the humor (or attempts at it), the constant swearing like a sailor. I don’t remember who asked… but you know what? FUCK THAT GUY!

The honest truth is, I mean… I can’t. Well, actually, I guess I COULD… but I don’t. I write in a very much more toned down style “for work.” But I do still do a lot of the same stuff. You know… basically making arguments about how sex and violence work in the funny books…. yep… that’s my job.

Anyway, the point is, today the British Association for American Studies started a new series of articles on “Sexuality and Obscenity in American comics.” And guess who has the very first article being published in the series?

No, you assholes… IT’S ME!

Anyway, Now’s your chance to read what I’m like when I’m not cursing at you but still talking about the same stuff. The article is called “Disavowal of the Innocent: ‘Sally the Sleuth’ and the Survivor Narrative” and basically it’s me making the argument that comics need MORE and not less stories about rape… which seems counterintuitive at first but like… that’s why you’re supposed to go read the article. It also gives  you a chance to learn about Sally the Sleuth, one of the earliest leading ladies in comics… One that I’m betting you’ve never heard of and almost certainly never read, because I’m pretty sure I’m one of like 20 people left alive on the planet today who has read all of Sally the Sleuth.

Anyway… enjoy: 

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