(Fourth paragraph, first sentence. Entirely possible you’re being clever, but I think you got your titles crossed)

I’ll start by saying that I liked how romantic subplots were handled here. Particularly one scene where the director very clearly told the actors to emphasize what didn’t happen.

I didn’t mind the dovetail at the end at all, because it was pretty much right there on the label. If the summary ha been “You’ll never guess how they hold this box together” and then it was just a diy dovetail video, I might have been a little disappointed. But the label said “dovetail instructions” on it, so that’s where my expectations were.

On the other hand, I expected this to be a much more fight/blaster driven movie, so came up vet happy that they actually were judicious with the use of fighting, so want burnt out in it by the final battle scene.

(As opposed to, say, Dr Strange, where I went in expecting a lot of mysticism and self discovery, and was tired of fight scenes about hall way through.)