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on Youtube Confusion … in a good way!

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 6.49.11 PMThis is weird….

So you know how Youtube tries to make recommendations based on what you watch?

So Steph sometimes watches youtube videos on our AppleTV. I love AppleTV, but the most annoying thing about the Youtube app on it is that it doesn’t have multiple users like the Netflix app does. You just log into an account and that’s the account it has. It’s logged in as me. So that corrupts my recommendations a lot. And every time Steph decides to spend the day watching weird nerdy cognitive psychology videos, my recommendations fill up with weird nerdy psychology videos. You know, instead of totally not nerdy videos doing analysis about sexuality, comics, blockbuster movies and pro-wrestling. You know, cool stuff like that. ?

So, anyway… Apparently she was watching a bunch of cognitive psychology videos on AppleTV yesterday. But I also watched a bunch of videos yesterday on my computer, from the same account. So now, Youtube, thinking that’s all me has sort of merged our interests. So now I’ve got a bunch recommendations for “Crash Course Psychology”, this psychologist who discusses sexuality in relationship to pop culture.

He’s kind of interesting. Right now, I’m watching an analysis of how adolescence works…. in terms of the Breakfast Club (which I coincidentally happened to already be drawing a parody of for my comic strip tomorrow).

Now if the next video happens to be an analysis of homoeroticism and queer representation in the WWE or a deconstruction of polyamorous themes in X-men comics, I’m going to be really impressed.

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