I think I read that book before. To me, there are some powers that are definitely gendered. You don’t often see bodies that aren’t sexy in women. Like why doesn’t She Hulk look ugly af like the Hulk? But there’s one, idk her name, that’s a female version of Ben Grimm. But her head doesn’t get deformed and stays pretty with an ugly body. So if they are going to give “rock” hard skin, it has to be visually sexy and feminine like Emma Frost. As for speedsters, that may change with the new show and movies. There are a lot of Flash characters besides The Flash and I didn’t know about them as a kid. I knew one guy, in a red suit, the end. I personally don’t see speed as masculine though. Archers are gender neutral. Firearms are too nowadays but I’m sure if you examine the sheer volume of male characters there are way more gun guys than gals because of military themes. Plants also seem feminine with a Mother Earth/Nature theme. Even Terra doesn’t become rock, she moves earth. 🙂