Ooh! He knows a cultural reference. Look at the brain on Mike! He picked the only need name he knew from the biggest show on television. Too bad there’s no smart black people that he could have used as an insult.

It’s funny. Because the only thing insulting about calling me Sheldon is that he’s smart. Hahaha! Look at him! He’s smart! Nerds!

Except since this isn’t the 7th grade in 1984 anymore it turns out that nerds get laid.

So he’s to telling me how much better he is than me and has no time for me. And then had to go because he’s too busy with real life and doesn’t care about my insults.

And that lasted LESS THAN TWO MINUTES again before he responded again TWICE even without me saying anything.

It really must suck having smart black people get under your skin like that.