Oh my God! Bernie lovers! Run!!!! The country is in demise… you know… it’s being overrun… you know… by the mexicans… and the blacks….

Rambling… you know… as opposed to posting three comments in a row that basically say nothing. Demonstrating your “common sense” by disparaging education and complaining that the problem with America is that people are too intelligent.

Rambling by ignoring the question of “how old are you?” Which I only asked because you asked me first because you wanted to prove how much wiser you were. Except that didn’t work out right? So now you’re sort of left with no where to go?

And yes… I ma black and yet I write a lot. And very eloquently. I mean, I’m so well spoken. That doesn’t make sense, right? Because the blacks aren’t supposed to be smart. Certainly not smarter than a streetwise former cop scooter conman like yourself, right? This is why we should have never let the darkies into the country.

I’m so glad you’re above insults.