Vic Carter So, there are a number of statistical issues that arise in your analysis. I mean, we need to know the overall proportion of armed persons arrested in order to even begin to address your 75% figure. Are black and white arrested people armed at the same rate? Or is being armed disproportionately associated with death for either of those groups? (For example, if 75% of both groups are armed in general, that that stat doesn’t tell us much of anything except “if you kill a random sample of people in which 75% have a gun, about 75% of the dead will have a gun”.)

Now let’s look at other issues. First, there’s a persistent underreporting issue with deaths in police custody. Secondly, we do know that around 60% of *reported* deaths in police custody are a result of homicide by an officer or officers (these are DoJ stats). We also know that persons who die in custody are disporpotionately minorities: “Of reported persons who died during the process of arrest, 95% were male. About 42% were white, 32% were black/African American and 20% were Hispanic or Latino.”

We also know that white people are arrested at fairly close to their rate in the general population, but that black people are arrested at more than 2x their rate in the general population. (you can see these stats here: . They are not the greatest stats because I believe they are lumping Latino persons with white persons, which has a whole host of issues going on in there. Still, you can see my point about the rate of arrest of black persons.)

At any rate, let’s lump our white and Hispanic deaths together: 62% of white/Latino deaths in police custody vs. 69% arrest rate, while black persons have a 32% of deaths in custody vs. 28% arrest rate. Well, those differences might or might not be significant (I have not done the math to determine if they are but you can do so — it’s fairly basic stats.) But they do make me cock my head to the side, and they also make me wonder why black people are arrested so frequently. I mean, that’s curious, isn’t it? Is it just that black people are twice as criminal? I mean, no structural reasons, just naturally more criminal through no fault at all of the society they live in? All their own personal fault and natural criminality?

Because it seems like that’s what you’re saying and that’s so blatantly and horribly racist against a group you belong to that I don’t believe it can possibly be what you’re actually saying.