The problem is that the numbers don’t add up. They don’t represent the disparity that many claim they do.

Take the data provided below for example: I am not going to double check the guardian, but lets, for the sake or argument assume their numbers are close. In both 2015 and 2016 so far about 75% of the time someone is killed by a cop, they are armed. About 75% of the black people killed by police were armed. Guess how many white people who were armed got killed? About 75%.

Now does race appear to be a major factor in regards to what is likely to get yourself shot when encountering the police?

Also if you look at the totals, there are about half the number of blacks, armed and unarmed that are killed by cops.

And that is just in regards to getting killed by cops. Do you think the numbers of stops, arrests, convictions, etc. is going to tell a different tale? Do you think when you factor in what they were doing, how they came to run afoul of the law, do you think we are talking about the average, minding my own business black citizen?

No. Yeah it happens. But no it is not the scourge of the black community that some would have us believe. It is not ingrained into society as the rule as opposed to the exception. The people who end up on the wrong side of the law are by a wide margin people who are committing crimes. What color they might be is irrelevant. The average black person, who is not a criminal is not, by the numbers, any more likely than the average any other race person to end up dead.

That’s a problem. You believe, I mean I can tell by the use of terms like “micoragressions”, that you actually believe minorities live under constant threat of inequality.

I want to see less talk of unconscious bias, unintentional sexism and more talk about what is really holding people back. Because from my point of view, it is not society. It is not the police, it is the people themselves and those who believe they can’t fend for themselves. That is my opinion anyway.