The youth of today? Dude… how old are you?

And yes… you do get your “jollies off” this way… you feel good about yourself for showing up and telling off all the ignorant liberal know-it-alls what’s what. You know that everything that I say is bullshit and it burns you up inside that people take me more seriously than they take you. You’ve done your best. You say “Look, there was the SpongeBob meme! That’ll show them! Oh wait, I see… he’s black… I’ll use the Martin Luther King meme. Ok, that didn’t work… I’ll just pretend I’m above all of it and do a mic drop telling people that I am a better person so I don’t have to insult people.”

But you’re not a better person… And me calling you what you are, an ignorant racist idiot hurts. It hurts so bad, because the liberal educated phd smartass BLACK DUDE from a poor neighborhood is somehow smarter than you. This asshole kid came from the streets. What the fuck? You’re the cop. You’re the one who is supposed to be respected. You’re the one who knows what’s what. How the fuck is a BLACK DUDE with some hoity toity degree outdoing you? It’s not right. The same race as that guy who shot all of my cop brothers last night. That’s why there needs to be a wall dammit. Get them out of this country, or at least stop the spics from coming in and joining them?

And you know it’s true. You want to be bigger than me, you want to be smarter than me… you want it bad. But you know you’re not, because even after you said that you were better than me and didn’t get off on belittling other people you couldn’t go two whole minutes without posting TWO more memes belittling me. You couldn’t last two minutes. And you couldn’t come up with words to say on your own. So you used memes.

And you know I’m right. You know the educated black man is right… and it burns doesn’t it? It burns so bad….