Oh, I’m sure… he’s not trolling. He’s totally just stupid. But I kinda like that.

The best part about the Mike Lands of the world is that he’s provided an excellent example for me to point to when I want to talk about some of the ignorance that is evidence of systemic racism like I was in the other threads with Vic.
(and thank you to the rest of you for dealing with him while I was in the substantive conversation)

Anyway, having idiots is important. The Mike Lands of the world are great because since he’s not only aggressively racist, he’s stupid enough to think that he’s actually winning so he will continue doing what he’s doing. This means that when some one intelligent comes around who might disagree with you (Vic for instance) and you point to point out an example of worse case scenario, you can totally point over at Mike Land and say “you know, like this idiot!”

See… even racist idiots have a usefulness to society. Thanks Mike!