Kevin, I am not offended, and you have no need to be sorry. I was merely clarifying my perspective.

Do you think that I believe you to be superior/inferior to me simply because of your skin color? Do you think that I feel as if our general, day to day life experiences are all that different?

Because I don’t. Just like I don’t think the typical Iraqi is sitting on his porch thinking of ways to blow shit up. Or like I don’t think that the average black person is represented by the assholes who live across the street from me with no regard for the neighborhood and seemingly themselves.

You and I are not US and THEM. WE live in this country. WE face a LOT of the same struggles. Not all, but surely more than someone like the author would imply. Surely more than the media would like us to believe we have in common.

Treating black people like victims, TO ME, is racist. It denigrates them and disregards their own agency when it comes to solving the problems centered within their community. Am I part of THAT community? No. I live next to white people, asian people, black people. My community is about as diverse as it gets.

So no, obviously I am not dodging bullets everyday. My struggles are not the struggles of people who do see those things. I am not blind to that fact.

But while it is a hurdle, it IMO is not a good enough excuse to externalize all of the ills that minorities face in this country. I don’t agree that there is a system in place that either actively or passively keeps one group down as opposed to another.

No, I believe it is those like the author of that article, who would perpetuate the US versus THEM mentality. The people steadily carving chips to place on every underprivileged black persons shoulder.