Chris Maverick In regards to racism, I really do feel that people need to have the same starting point. If one person thinks it is racist to joke about racial stereotypes, but another feels that true racism has a tangible impact on something other than how people feel. It’s kind of hard to get anywhere.

Right now in this country, we have a lot of people using race as a shield against criticism. The same tactic is used by feminists. In fact it is a common way for progressives(people who believe they can create equality through authoritarianism), to disregard the arguments of anyone who opposes them.

Racism is oppression. One is seen as higher up the food chain than the other. Those are the problems we should be dealing with, those are the things we need to address.

But that all gets lost every time the media blows up about some random incident involving evil cops and an innocent black guy who was just minding his business and gets shot, or beat up, or arrested.

~1000 people. That encompasses ALL of the people killed by police on average in a year. ALL of them. Even if all 1000 of those people was black, it would represent a ridiculously small portion of the black community. Of black men.

Yet our country is racist? Cops are hunting black men? Tell that to the ~18 MILLION who somehow manage to get through each day without ending up dead at the hands of the cops.

But the system wants them dead, right? It’s an epidemic? Black Lives Matter?

Visit the site below. See the 7 black me dead in the last 5 days and tell me again how it is the cops that black people should be worried about. That narrative clouds the truth. That creates an unnecessary divide. By all means we should call for justice when the police do something wrong, but let us not pretend that systemic anything killed these people, or the hundreds more that die every month.