Of course. Because someone else is the problem, not us. It would be rather unpleasant if we had to change. It would be uncomfortable to admit that we have benefited from racism. It’s better to be polite and say that all lives matter and pretend that racism isn’t a problem.

In case it wasn’t perfectly clear, I am being sarcastic.

I don’t think that “systematic racism” us the phrase I would use. We have a Climate of Racism. And just like you can have unseasonably cold weather at a particular location and time and still have global warming, we can have a president that is black while still having a climate of racism. Just like it’s missing the point to argue how much of the I increase in global temperature is due to human contributions–we should still take action–it is missing the point to argue whether a particular person intended to be racist.

Remember Brown vs. Board of Education. Separate but equal seemed fair and not racist. People were just making sure that black people had access to similar facilities. Not racist at all, right? But of course separate but equal was inherently unequal.