Systemic Fnordism is caused by a combination of socioeconomic factors linked to historic discrepancies in power dynamics. Marx shows us that financially in a capitalist system the bourgeois in order to maximize capital must purchase commodity goods at the lowest possible rates in order to yield sellable product. The proletariat on the other hand sells his labor power to the bourgeois as the only good of value he has to contribute to the system. At one point in history the American bourgeois determined that they could achieve essentially zero cost renewable work force by utilizing black people as slaves. Therefore the labor power belonged to the bourgeois and was unnecessary to renew beyond the initial investment of capital. When slavery was abolished, the slaves were then converted to the lowest class of the proletariat. Coincidentally the industrial revolution following right on the heels of the American Civil war allowed for greater class mobility than was previously possible. However, because the white proletariat had a head start, and the abolishment of slavery came with a series of “Jim Crow” laws specifically designed to hold the former slaves at a lower level than the existing white proletariat, white people advanced through class mobility faster than black people. Since class mobility is actually harder than just saying it exists (systemic classism, a term you may also not like, but that’s a separate discussion) this meant that not only was it hard for the white proletariat to advance, but it was harder for the blacks. This is important because capitalism relies on a greater proletariat population than bourgeois.

American capitalism, in specific, relies on the invention of an in-between middle class to aspire to rather than advancing directly into the bourgeois. However, given that capitalism doesn’t work without a proletariat the system requires that someone stay on the bottom in order to maintain stability. Since the country had a history of racial inequality, once the Jim Crow laws were abolished (more or less) because of the civil rights acts of the 1960s, class and race remained inherently linked. A greater number of blacks on the bottom becomes necessary for the equilibrium of the system. Not by design of course, but in point of fact through happenstance (and since this is fnordism and not racism that’s ok).

So what this means is that in our current social system some 50 years later, fnordic forces have created a landscape of inequality where blacks are proportionately less likely to exist within the bourgeois and proportionately more likely to exist within the lowest rung of the proletariat.

At the same time, psychology, psychoanalysis and sociology show us that humans innately mistrust those that deviate from them. The greater the deviation the greater the mistrust and/or fear. This is called “fear of the Other” and there are a lot of reasons for it. But the key here is that the initial mistrust happens, no matter how meager or innocent. And then human selection bias causes that mistrust to grow. The more negative things that happen in the “fnordic” system, the more the mistrust is justified in the minds of those most predisposed to it. And then because humans are pack animals mob mentality begins to affect those less predisposed. Thus mistrust grows between bourgeois and proletariat (on both sides) and because that is linked through casual observance, black and white. For that matter also men and women, republican and democrat, christian and muslim… whatever. “Others” this phenomenon is linked not to race but “difference.” The best and most readily apparent example of this is to look at the flood of memes that Mike Land is currently posting trying to establish his superiority over the “liberals” in Michael Higgins thread below. If you can’t see how this might be somewhat racially motivated… I guess this is going to be really hard. But at the very least I hope you can see the fear of the Other that he is presenting.

This enters as a separate factor into the fnordic system. As you have mentioned yourself there are any number of factors that contribute to systemic fnordism. We could also talk about … say, religious teachings, cultural media, etc… I just don’t want to have to mention every factor ever because they don’t super matter. The point is in the system there is inherent inequality in status and/or treatment between two segments (subject and other… in this case black and white).

Correcting this inequality is difficult. People want there to be magic wands. “Why don’t we elect a black president and fnordism will go away?” Except, obviously that doesn’t work. Because many factors have gone into the system. The advancement of one single individual doesn’t really change the percentages of blacks in the bourgeois or proletariat for instance. Systems are complex.

So instead, we work to move the needle little by little with each additional step. Since all the factors while unique are linked through their existence in the system — that is to say, just as much as they can affect the system, the rest of the system affects them — any changes to the inequality status quo disrupts and normalizes the other factors. So, improvement of healthcare for minorities, ultimately improves the standing of the proletariat in general. Similarly access to reproductive healthcare for women (because gender is another issue that enters into the fnordic system) ultimately helps the minorities. Disruption of binary politics (i.e. improved attention of grass roots campaigns like libertarians tea parties, #BlackLivesMatter, communists or greens, be they on the conservative side or the liberal side) lessens the hold of the frozen political establishment thus allowing for greater proletariat mobility and transitively minority mobility. Greater population of minorities (and interbreeding) decreases the socioeconomic power of the over-race through sheer force of numbers.

Ultimately (and here’s where we get to my Point of View, which in this case you’ve actually used correctly regardless of whether I am an expert or not) I don’t believe we can eliminate systemic fnordism. As I said, capitalism relies on inherent inequalities. And while I’m not necessarily a fan of capitalism, i do acknowledge that it is actually a more stable system than Marxism (and here is where I disagree with Marx) because the inherent mistrust of the Other will not allow true communism to flourish and human greed will ultimately always cause a tragedy of the commons. So that is to say that even if we were to hit the reset button and equalize all money tomorrow in a total socialist communist state, it would evolve towards someone being the bourgeois. Maybe it’s not white people this time. Maybe it’s women instead of women. But it doesn’t matter, the unequal status would still occur and therefore the system would trend towards fnordism.

But, each little move of the needle causes a shift TOWARDS equilibrium. An equilibrium that while asymptotic, is still an admirable goal. And that starts with education and discourse. Which is what I do here. But in order to have that discourse one must accept common language. And in your case, that means understanding that when you try to argue the difference between systemic fnordism and systemic racism then that just can’t happen.

And if you truly believe that the entire histories of sociology, psychoanalysis, cultural studies, and rhetoric are wrong and that systemic fnordism doesn’t exist at all… despite you having intuitively described it from scratch… then there’s just no hope at all.